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The kitchen is the heart of your home, and a kitchen renovation is the opportunity to make your space the most user-friendly room in the house. Set the tone for earnest conversations while you wait for the kettle to boil, or to smack-talk the competition as you slice up garlic bread before the big game. Do you need room to roll out cookie dough, for your espresso machine, to make and pack lunches? You long for a custom pantry, or to display your wedding china.

We work within your budget to bring your dream to reality effectively and efficiently. Our team understands what it’s like to live through the upheaval construction can cause. The difficulty with making-do during a kitchen renovation is the fact that you need access to the fridge and stove every day. Rimik Contracting thoughtfully takes your routine into account and causes as little disruption as possible so that the transition period is wrought with excitement.

Rimik Contracting will show you how:

  • an island will give your more room to work, and quickly increase your storage.
  • custom cabinetry lets you finally arrange your kitchen tools in a way that makes sense.
  • inserting a window over the sink can provide the peace of mind to send the kids outside while you tidy up.
  • incorporating an office nook makes keeping track of, bills, homework and messages painless.
  • you can easily increase storage so you can buy that roasting pan set you’ve been eyeing.

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