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Your outdoors spaces, built right.

rimik outdoor backgroundWe will customize your renovations with the latest and highest quality materials including sustainable and environmentally-friendly options. Renovations are installed by experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen, supervised by engineers working with professional plans, and to your ideals. Have your dream, built right with Rimik Contracting.

Let Rimik Contracting create your great outdoors:

  • Decks and Patios: The aesthetics and endurance of your deck, patio, porch or portico depend not only on the physical design and materials, but on the location and customized specs based on your needs and landscape. We’ll worry about all of that so you can worry about what to serve al fresco and best barbeque placement.
  • Gardens: Enjoy nature at your convenience and let us do the heavy lifting. Whether it’s raised gardens, or a retaining wall we will keep your garden design process a stress-free experience.
  • Garage: Add a car port or garage to your driveway and hit the snooze button on snowy days. We will customize your garage storage for your skis, fishing gear, and the Christmas decorations, in addition to your vehicles. You won’t know what you did without it. 
  • Outdoor Buildings: Whether you need another shed because the kids are moving back home, or you’re ready make your greenhouse dream a reality, we’ll customize your outdoor buildings to suit your every need, and backyard space.

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