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My wife and I had decided that we were going to do a Kitchen renovation. I had hoped I could have done some of the renovation, but my wife has said though I was good, I didn’t have the time to commit to getting it done in a reasonable time frame. When we were working with the Cabinet Maker he suggested Rimik Contracting Ltd.

We choose Rimik really from the confidence that we had from the Cabinet Maker. I knew that there was a lot of moving parts with a renovation especially a kitchen that initially had me agreeing to having it done by one general contractor.

It was all Mike. Mike was honest and forthright about what was to be expected. He communicated effectively through the whole process. Projects can have minor hiccups, and I can say that Mike and his guys handled them extremely well. When your wife is without a kitchen, it can be say a “Little Tense”. Mike made sure that Connie was aware of what was happening and when. I had to step back from wanting to be involved, but I can tell you I did because of Mike.

We had a tricky part of the layout that we really wanted. As part of the kitchen renovation we had to have a load bearing wall modified to allow for an open concept design. We sometimes as customers underestimate the complexity of what we perceive as something simple. Our issue was not the work, but having to understand the building codes of today and the implications of our changes. I pushed Mike hard, and he just kept plugging away and getting it to meet our satisfaction. I know at times I was tough, but Mike stayed the course and made it work.

There was also a situation at the beginning of the project where I had to remove some existing wood flooring from one of the rooms. Because of my schedule I had Mike perform the work. Well it was not straightforward, as the original builder had glued the entire floor. When in attempting to remove the wood the process peeled apart a significant portion of the existing plywood. Mike couldn’t have predicted this. I just turned to Mike and said can you fix this and he did and he was fair about it.

Not only was the work completed as required, it looks beautiful. At the end of any project if you can truly say as we have said it was worth it, you would do it again.

Go see some examples of what Mike has done, come and see mine if you like, but we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rimik Contracting again.

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